Saturday, 8 June 2019

Ann Widdecombe for PM? Yeah good call...

It was reported (on national BBC’s Teletext) that Ann Widdecombe had some of her theatre appearances cancelled as a result of her ‘homophobic’ comments. In this case her opinion on homosexuality meaning that in the far distant future a medicine could be found, made, discovered that would ‘heal’ homosexuality. Rather an interesting viewpoint and ripe for a very long TV discussion, me thinks. There are however a few things to consider here, firstly – what about freedom of speech? Are we now going to pander to the opinions held by smallish pressure groups? Or the liberal soft middle-class elite? I think perhaps it is time to define ‘freedom’. Secondly we need to have a good look at the whole PC issue. The trouble with political correctness is that instead it working for the good of all, it only works for a very few. Ann, we all know her cherished religious views, is a most outspoken person I know with some very interesting viewpoints that command some  respect. A lot of people including myself have basic views on human behaviour. It should not be forgotten that we are animals as well, meaning mammalian, having the same basic instincts as all other animals, mammalian, avian or reptilian.
The problem comes with the social veneer we have developed, although it fails often. Friends, let’s get real, Ann just opened her mouth, it’s her opinion, so what? Anyone died as a result? Has Putin and Trump resigned because of it? Has Brexit finally been completed? No? The Eiffel Tower collapsed? So, keep our heads together and start looking at more pressing matters! The Lord knows we have so many in the UK still to solve.

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