Saturday, 25 May 2019

May called it a day they say so let us pray....

Uh oh, the deed finally has been done – the PM has decided enough is enough. Perhaps she was forced to do so or her husband told her to. Whatever, and I must say she has been a failure as a PM, just another administrator with no capacity to lead. Because that is what a PM needs most of all, how to tell other people to get on with it and follow the plan, the PM plan! This has been her biggest failure, she could not do that or so it appears. As a result the government became a rudderless ship. Sending underweight civil servants to serious negotiations must be one of the biggest idiocies of all time. But there it is and over the next year we will read a number of books all saying one thing – her failure to step up to the parapet. Indeed that is what a PM needs, he or she needs to get drunk now and again, probably swears and throws things around No.10. Wow, that’ll be a show. No, seriously we need a fighter, a self-centred steel-cladded boxer. Frankly, except for one candidate there is really no-one who looks in any way capable of getting the UK out of this mess. We need a Churchillian ring-master who can throw everyone else out of the ring. And sorry friends to have to say this – not a single female candidate comes up to scratch. Neither most of the males. We do not need an administrator – we need Boris! So what? He makes gaffes, so do I. He had a few women on the side, his hair is a mess but he can kill the opposition. Let’s get him, stand him on the beach at Dover wearing that outfit when he abseiled down some cables and shout a challenge over the water, I am coming for you, me and 17.5 million others.

Ed Just heard him on TV saying, we leave without a deal. Good on him, it is the only way. Parliament cannot and will not agree on anything so just let it go. Let Europe do a bit of worrying. The deal as it was done by Mrs May was no deal. It was a set of European demands presented on a gold rimmed birthday card. You must remember that it is not the the EU's interest to change anything. There will be no alterations to fishing policy, of taxes or the borders. So, to walk away from such drivel would be the best thing.

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