Monday, 13 May 2019

More on homelessness

Another great idea sprung from the mind of the PM – we must eradicate homelessness. Yeah, you heard it here as well as in the national newspapers and TV. Of course, homelessness is an abhorrent social ill but it has been with us for a very long time. One of the problems in this country is the politicians’ propensity for making big sounding claims without any background whatsoever. We are going to eradicate homelessness, we are going to reform Europe, we are going to eradicate child poverty, we are going to ban petrol and diesel cars by 2040. And if they are actually doing something, look what happens. We are going to close all the mines. What happened? Thousands on the social, illnesses, drugs, a lost generation and we are still suffering the results of that decision years after. It has to be said – why make such badly thought out exclamations? Is it just to look good? To make us the great unwashed, believe that politicians are actually looking after our well-being? Let me tell you, our well-being is very far from their thoughts.
As I have mentioned before – politics needs a big revamp! We really need to start a proportional system, simply because it will represent more people. The reasons are mainly that more people are conversant with the world as a whole thanks to the Internet. So, homelessness is an important subject, yes it needs looking into but let’s not make quick decisions or policies that have no substance. In Cardiff more and more youngish persons appear on the streets sleeping. A good question to ask – how can that be? Let’s find out first and foremost where they come from as homelessness has not been a big problem around here. Let’s find out the reasons, be they unpalatable or not.

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