Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Homeless, more or less?

There is a lot of talk about homelessness today. It is a problem because we see lots of unfortunate people on the streets sleeping rough. But what worries me is the continual talk of just building more houses. Affordable homes. Well, that is just about the same as putting a lid on an open sewer. Simply because it is not a solution. Besides concreting over the Green Belt which has now been preserved for quite a number of years is now under threat. For me the answer is to look at the causes of this. I can see immigration causing pressures on housing especially in the larger cities. The social impact of young people being thrown out of the family home, through drug use or family breakdown through stress brought on by the 24/7 lifestyle now prevalent. And of course the birth rate has been rising as well. Although we hear from time to time about these problems, it seems no-one really links these to homelessness. A side issue of this is the westward movement of older people. They sell expensive homes because of the local demand and retire to places like Wales and Scotland. As a result the social infrastructure there has seen a remarkable transformation. But don’t worry our national government will not address these issues for some time to come. That is to say if we will ever have a new government.

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