Sunday, 19 May 2019

Eurovision? What is that all about...

Ah, Eurovision time again. The UK last again as well, lovely! Congrats to the Netherlands on winning this extravaganza of drivel. Every song had to be as loud as possible, screaming at the top of the mediocre voices. There was not a single song that could be called memorable. This is not sour grapes. The UK deserved to be last. When I watched and sat down to be entertained I quickly downed my beer and turned to cognac quickly. When our entry came up I said ‘Who?’ ‘Never heard of him’. Obviously we have not spent any time in preparation, just picking someone with a reasonable voice to belt out another ‘boom-boom song’. It was remarkable how many songs had exactly the same drumbeat. Frankly I would vote Brexit after that lot. At least the BBC needs to have a good look at how it manages this effort or if it cannot, drop the whole thing.

Ed 25/5 - Just read an interesting article in a national newspaper. More or less saying that whatever we have, even a song by someone like Tom Jones or Adele, we would still come last. It is just political mayhem but seems now to be in the collective Euro minds of people. Beat those Brits where they come from. Show 'm who's boss. 
Therefore I and many others are now saying - just forget it. Spend the money on a salary increase for top BBC mandarins. God help us all.

Ed 23/6 - And talking about the BBC - how can such a mediocre organisation, riven by indecision, bloated with hundreds of people who do absolutely nothing except drink coffee and look busy shuffling notes about, justify its existence? By withdrawing the free TV licence for the 75+ ers. Of course, they need the money or if they do not, have to make a political point. So, the BBC as well, has joined those who rip off Britain. But as we already know, ineffective government means you let the dogs out!

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