Wednesday, 22 May 2019

A new type of politics? Yeah, why not...

Politics is a bit of a strange thing, is it not? It certainly challenges oneself. I say this because having originally come from a sound left social household where dad would not condone any talk of business laissez-faire as a son I would rebel. Well, OK it sure puts your mind pointing to other things. Mostly opposite things. But in the UK I found that just left of centre politics suited me well. That is why the Social Democrats appealed. Then the upheaval started and is still going on today. The SDP became the Liberals despite the new name Liberal Democrats, Labour turned so far left they have fallen off the stage and the Conservatives, which are basically three different parties, left, centre and right, have lost the plot and cannot remember how to govern. The point of it all is that ever since WW2 we have been looking how to fit in with a totally changed Europe. Looking at Europe which we should do a bit more often in this country, you will notice mostly a type of coalition government. Multiple parties, sometimes three or four even. With leadership of the government doled out in proportion of votes cast for each party. This is not so in the UK despite the existence of small sideline parties like the Greens they have never amounted a serious challenge. In the UK there are basically two parties, well two and a half. Conservatives, Labour and Lib-Dems.
Some say it makes for easier decision making. Well, I don’t think that’s true as the present situation shows clearly. It ought to be obvious we need to change our style of government. Install proportional representation but not the type we do in some areas now. It would mean the abandonment of personality cults. We would vote for a party. The various parties would select their candidates in order of ‘importance’, number one on the list would be the list leader and if the party would get the most votes that person would be called onto try to form a government. The number of votes for a party would also determine how many delegates would have a seat. Say that every 10,000 votes would mean a seat. There is one proviso, everyone must vote, there would be no abstaining or whatever. Fines would have to be imposed if one does not vote. Well, it does show my continental upbringing but nevertheless we in the UK now need to change the rudder and steer to calmer and more representative water.

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