Sunday, 28 April 2019

Doom and more doom? Well, you tell me...

Having just returned from a trip to Holland to see  family I was rather pleased to see the cleanliness in general of the streets, green patches of grass and the motorway edges. In Britain and Wales we are drowning in all sorts of rubbish that float around streets, parks and everywhere else. You may ask – what is different? We are all human beings? Indeed we are but it is our attitude towards the environment. We in the UK have a different attitude, sort of ‘I have rights, and I can do what I want’. People in the UK have no respect for the environment, do not want to change their behaviour and have no intention to help clean up the environment. All under the adage of – It is not my problem, it’s not my job. We can talk endlessly about who should do what but in the end it all stays talk and no action. This Swedish girl is right, it is time for action, we have possibly just 10 years to get it right. It is time to stop putting our heads into the sand like ostriches. The lion of disaster is sniffing at our back-ends! It won’t be long before he takes a bite! In fact he is already having a go, the weather patterns are increasingly ferocious, storms, cyclones, hurricanes, tornadoes, it will only get worse!
We simply cannot carry on concreting over the countryside, it is ludicrous to encroach on green belt space to build more and more houses. We need to take head-on the plastics problem, we have to curb our appetite for car driving. Yes, it means investment in public transport, but if we want to survive and leave our children and grandchildren a decent life we have to act now! Our society, our western society has to change. With 66 million people and possibly before too long up to 75 million people and more, we need a better organised society. Businesses need to understand their role in society and their responsibility to the environment. The never-ending quest for money and fame needs to end. I am not talking like a communist or a socialist, these words are all common sense.
As society came together for the good of all during WW2, we need to do it again but without a war.
In that respect JC, no not Jesus but Jeremy Corbyn, is right. A lot of young people think so too. But changing a political system for another is not just about more talk, we can do it right now without changing politics, we need politicians to show the way forward, that is why we elected them. Not to squabble in the House of Commons and do a bit of penis waving of who is bigger. We need people who are not afraid to upset the apple-cart because yes, it is not going to be easy to drag all of us out of our cherished way of life. So wake up UK, wake up World!

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