Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Councils fit for purpose?

Today’s reports in some of the national newspapers have highlighted one of the most damning things of today. Council fat-cats. In other words council chiefs who are ‘earning’ well over £100,000 per annum!
Most of us cave dwellers do not seem to worry. We should, because that sort of money for basically very little work or even responsibility, is an affront to society. This money comes in dribs and drabs from the backs of very hard working people who are enslaved in zero-hour contracts. I have heard all the arguments – we have to pay to get the best! Oh yeah, how deluded can you be? The best? Why then are most councils in the UK so badly organised? In my own backwater, RCT CBC (Rhondda Cynon Taf Borough Council ) by all accounts is one of the largest employers in Wales. Apparently to keep unemployment down. I suppose it is one way to deal with it. At least some of it will get back as council-tax. But in reality it is other working people who subsidise this type of social engineering. Instead of ensuring a sound basis for companies to thrive and employ people, councils are taking the easy route.This part of Wales is still suffering from the inability to control the end of the coal mining era. That is to say closing all the mines throwing out thousands of workers without any thought of what to do next. Government including local government did not have any idea whatsoever as to how to manage that calamity. I know that this was not local government who made those decisions but even so they have not managed the results incredibly well. It shows a lack of planning expertise, just sitting back thinking it’ll all be alright on the night. For that we pay chief’s salaries of up to £500,000 per annum. Even in a poor area such as the Rhondda the chief chair-sitter gets well over £100,000! That person lords it over a council whose governing inabilities are affecting all levels. From education to maintaining the infrastructure. I took a walk around my neighbourhood last night, the debris all around, the decaying properties, collapsing road structures reminded me of the aftermath of World War 2. It all shows a degradation within a society which these people are supposed to improve. It is no wonder we now have a Marxist leading the national Labour party, a sure sign that people are beginning to become fed up with all the nepotism, lack of progress, financial wastage to name just a few of the ills. Time to have a very good look at how we want society to be. This is not to advocate a new social experiment, I’m not a Marxist but we should have a look how businesses and government ought to interact to the benefit of the society we all have to live in.

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