Friday, 12 April 2019

Another delay...

It is absolutely amazing as to how present-day politics perform. One would have thought that a two-party system is the ideal way to govern. Because the party in power, with a decent majority, can get its policies through without too much trouble. Well, mainly true but not when the party in power is a minority government. Yet in other countries, like Holland, they work with coalitions, not just two parties but sometimes three or four forming the government. This seems to work well in the main. Taking Brexit (again) we can easily see the failings of a minority government. Especially when the party propping up the governing party is dead-set against the proposed policy. In other words – mayhem. Another thing that amazes me is the shallowness of UK politics, the way politicians use the media. It all shows an enormous amount of grandstanding. But the most amazing thing is this – in 2016 the government instigated a referendum on the question ‘Do we leave or stay in the EU’. A simple question really. This was passed into law and agreed(!) by the Houses of Parliament. The referendum was ‘OUT’ by a reasonable majority. Under the law that was passed it meant the UK was out of Europe. However, and here are the failings of the government, no-one had thought the voters would say ‘out’. So no-one had made any preparations for that possibility. No-wonder the then Prime Minister, Cameron, just pulled up his socks and disappeared. Bit of a coward’s way out I suppose. Anyway from then on nothing was done except trips to Brussels by the new Prime Minister and a few cronies to find out whether the cups of tea there tasted better than in Westminster. Jolly good time had by all but nothing was happening. It seemed like the government was just treading water, as they call it ‘running down the clock’. So, here we are, in the doldrums, experiencing delay after delay, simply because in the Houses of Parliament there is no taste at all to leave the EU. Despite their assurances and laws it is quite evident, politicians have a completely different idea of what law means. Probably because they think they made the law but don’t have to abide by it. Disgraceful attitude and behaviour. So, come on Mr Farage, steer us towards what was agreed in the first place and start negotiating afterwards. Thank you.

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