Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Plastics, plastics, and more plastics....

It is a funny world – sure is. There’s so much talk about plastics, the environment, Brexit and God knows what else but no-one says anything about what kids get served up on the BBC and other channels like POP. I was watching as my grand kids like Gizzy and the Rats or otherwise known as Lemmings amongst others. The ads that came in between showed the most incredible crap toys and rubbish you will ever see. Talk about plastics! As my granddaughter said ‘Those little things, will they get to the ocean?’ Who in all honesty thinks that buying some gooey ‘sand’ is a good thing? Perhaps parents who do buy stuff like this need a quick lesson in why the planet we all live on is in such a state! It starts early, apparently children learn the most in their first year. Behaviour is most likely formed then but don’t take my word for it. In my experience it is the first two years that are most important. Anyway, people , just keep on buying the rubbish but remember this, every time you buy something advertised for ‘children’ it is just another nail in the collective coffin.

Plastic is basically a good thing, it has many good uses, medical amongst others but used for packaging and making useless 'toys' it has become a scourge. I will never forget the sight of an Indonesian river on which the water is not visible because of all the floating plastic bags and other detritus. Nice. As we now know it all ends up in the oceans and in a way it comes back to us as food. (When we eat the fish that is full of micro and nano plastic particles). I am sure I might float in the sea this summer thanks to all the plastic in my body. Wow!

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