Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Is there a need for Parliament?

Let me ask a question – why do we need a Parliament in this country? All decisions, at least those that seem to matter – are made in Brussels. There will be more and more so-called unity, an army and the Lord knows what else. So, why then bother with a load of costly nobodies who could not even agree on a few quite simple things? What sort of credibility has Westminster got now? Messing about, claiming lavish expenses, some illegally. On top of that there is a House of Lords where if you attend someone stuffs £300 in your pocket. What a shower. On that alone, although I voted to leave the EU, I would say abandon all pretence of self-government and obey the will of Brussels. We are not fit to govern ourselves, that has been shown very clearly indeed. The basic truth is this – Westminster is a defunct anomaly. It is or has been made crystal clear where the loyalties of MPs lie. It is with Brussels. So therefore do us all a favour and just go back from where you came from. Let the decisions be made in Brussels and I for one will sleep a lot better. It will save us billions. If you think this is tongue-in-cheek well have you got another idea? Don’t answer that. We’ve had too many already.

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