Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Snowflake Central at it again?

Oh dear, Liam Neeson has done it now, hasn’t he? Opened his mouth when it would have been better to let all the world’s snowflakes sleep on! But let’s have a look – did he say anything at all which a heck of a lot of other people have thought as well at some time or other? Sorry people get a life! Better start talking more about all, yes ALL the human failings that occur today. There are too many to write down here. For Pete’s sake Liam mentioned a feeling and thought he had billions of years ago, so what? When I was nine years old I wanted to smack another boy in the mouth. Am I sorry? No. Will I make amends? No. But I shall now go to Church and ask for forgiveness for my heinous misdemeanour. Snowflakes, you can rest again and go back to sleep.

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