Friday, 22 February 2019

Come to mama.....

Whatever anyone might think about immigrants or the reasons why they want to come to the UK, it is a fact that Britain’s use of patrol boats actually increases the attempts to cross over the Channel. I think that the feeling among those who want to cross is simply this, “Oh let’s get a small dinghy because the Brits will pick us up”. In truth that is exactly what happens. Immigrants are picked up and taken to Dover, which is just exactly as they desire. It is just another of these so-called policies made on the hoof without thinking of possible consequences. The facts are simple, those that want to attempt to cross are not immigrants, they are economic migrants, they are immigrants to France and France’s responsibility. It could even be argued they are Italy’s responsibility, if they came to Europe via that country. Or Greece’s. I know it is a big problem because Europe, all of it, does not seem to have taken much time to develop proper integration and containment plans. Even the economic colossus Germany just said, come people, come to Mama Merkel. And hurray, they came and are still coming. Obviously there is a humanitarian side to it all, I am asking myself what would I do in similar circumstances. Indeed I would already have bought a dinghy. But that does not answer the question, the reality is a lot harsher than anyone thinks. The world is heating up, thanks to our lovely but wasteful western ways which might before too long make great swathes of the world uninhabitable. So, the warning to us all is this and this in particular to those whom we have elected to lead us, do something that will go a long way to solve the problem. Stop denuding Africa of its resources, pay a proper price for its goods. Give proper help and assistance to those countries who need it. Stop giving just money without any thought as to what is happening to it. Give the money to developing business, in particular agricultural ones. Do not ever give money to politicians. It is tantamount to trying to fill a bottomless pit. When all is said and done, to improve the economic stability in the poorer countries, especially Africa and parts of Asia that in itself will diminish or even halt people wanting to come to the western world. Europe and the UK in particular. After all who wants to really uproot all and move to another country on a different continent? So, make those countries as sound as possible, rather than just look at them and suck them dry for all they have at the cheapest possible price or even just steal them.

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