Monday, 18 February 2019

Cars and planes and all things nice...

Watching the TV one would think that there was only one item under the microscope – Brexit! But no, from time to time we can hear someone burbling on about climate change. It amazes me that we do not seem to take that too problematic. We will tweak the regulations a bit, sound optimistic, reduce carbon emissions by closing coal-fired power stations. Even sound enthusiastic about carbon capture technology. Plus a few sound bites by the government about banning petrol and diesel powered cars, Yeah, you heard it unless you live by yourself in a cave as I’m sure we might too if not careful. The number of planes in the sky number the million plus and they throw out quite a bit of pollution and damaging the higher layers of the atmosphere.
Climate change by all accounts is now a fact. There should be no doubt that it will be impacting all our lives. Not in the far distant future, no, NOW! I am aghast at the attitude displayed by almost everybody, an attitude that says, I am not too worried, I’ll be dead by the time it will become a problem. No, you won’t be dead, yet, but all of us might well be if we do not change our lifestyles. We should not rely on the government to make the decisions, they won’t help simply because it is not in their interest to do anything about it. As indeed has been displayed by the Brexit idiocy. We as responsible citizens must come together, as beginning to be seen by our children going on school strike. We must begin to press for no plastic packaging, plastic toys, a much greener attitude to daily living. It might mean having to ditch some of our cherished habits but we have to do it. We do not need to become vegans but we surely have to look at our consumption. Factory style farming has to stop. Farming cows for meat is counterproductive. The energy and resources needed far outweigh the financial benefit when slaughtered for meat. I am not a vegetarian or vegan, I like a pie or two but that’s about it. I do not eat beef but will devour a bit of chicken. Yet we all have to change our attitudes and habits if we want our children and grandchildren to have a good, sound life. The other thing now in the news is the withdrawal of the car manufacturers. Or at least minimising production. Well, I have felt for some time that the unbridled selling and use of cars needs a check. By all accounts there are 36 million cars on the UK roads and mostly only in suburban areas. The consequent pollution is there for all to enjoy. Another reason to stop petrol/diesel cars. I drive a diesel car, but only because electric cars are far too expensive and there are very few charging points. For the foreseeable future I don’t think we’ll see much of a change. Much to do, but let’s hope the needed policies will be well researched and looked at from every angle before decisions are made. The UK has not got a good record in that, policies here tend to be made on the hoof and regretted afterwards. Let’s hope we will learn and learn quickly before it is too late!

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