Friday, 22 February 2019

Come to mama.....

Whatever anyone might think about immigrants or the reasons why they want to come to the UK, it is a fact that Britain’s use of patrol boats actually increases the attempts to cross over the Channel. I think that the feeling among those who want to cross is simply this, “Oh let’s get a small dinghy because the Brits will pick us up”. In truth that is exactly what happens. Immigrants are picked up and taken to Dover, which is just exactly as they desire. It is just another of these so-called policies made on the hoof without thinking of possible consequences. The facts are simple, those that want to attempt to cross are not immigrants, they are economic migrants, they are immigrants to France and France’s responsibility. It could even be argued they are Italy’s responsibility, if they came to Europe via that country. Or Greece’s. I know it is a big problem because Europe, all of it, does not seem to have taken much time to develop proper integration and containment plans. Even the economic colossus Germany just said, come people, come to Mama Merkel. And hurray, they came and are still coming. Obviously there is a humanitarian side to it all, I am asking myself what would I do in similar circumstances. Indeed I would already have bought a dinghy. But that does not answer the question, the reality is a lot harsher than anyone thinks. The world is heating up, thanks to our lovely but wasteful western ways which might before too long make great swathes of the world uninhabitable. So, the warning to us all is this and this in particular to those whom we have elected to lead us, do something that will go a long way to solve the problem. Stop denuding Africa of its resources, pay a proper price for its goods. Give proper help and assistance to those countries who need it. Stop giving just money without any thought as to what is happening to it. Give the money to developing business, in particular agricultural ones. Do not ever give money to politicians. It is tantamount to trying to fill a bottomless pit. When all is said and done, to improve the economic stability in the poorer countries, especially Africa and parts of Asia that in itself will diminish or even halt people wanting to come to the western world. Europe and the UK in particular. After all who wants to really uproot all and move to another country on a different continent? So, make those countries as sound as possible, rather than just look at them and suck them dry for all they have at the cheapest possible price or even just steal them.

Monday, 18 February 2019

Cars and planes and all things nice...

Watching the TV one would think that there was only one item under the microscope – Brexit! But no, from time to time we can hear someone burbling on about climate change. It amazes me that we do not seem to take that too problematic. We will tweak the regulations a bit, sound optimistic, reduce carbon emissions by closing coal-fired power stations. Even sound enthusiastic about carbon capture technology. Plus a few sound bites by the government about banning petrol and diesel powered cars, Yeah, you heard it unless you live by yourself in a cave as I’m sure we might too if not careful. The number of planes in the sky number the million plus and they throw out quite a bit of pollution and damaging the higher layers of the atmosphere.
Climate change by all accounts is now a fact. There should be no doubt that it will be impacting all our lives. Not in the far distant future, no, NOW! I am aghast at the attitude displayed by almost everybody, an attitude that says, I am not too worried, I’ll be dead by the time it will become a problem. No, you won’t be dead, yet, but all of us might well be if we do not change our lifestyles. We should not rely on the government to make the decisions, they won’t help simply because it is not in their interest to do anything about it. As indeed has been displayed by the Brexit idiocy. We as responsible citizens must come together, as beginning to be seen by our children going on school strike. We must begin to press for no plastic packaging, plastic toys, a much greener attitude to daily living. It might mean having to ditch some of our cherished habits but we have to do it. We do not need to become vegans but we surely have to look at our consumption. Factory style farming has to stop. Farming cows for meat is counterproductive. The energy and resources needed far outweigh the financial benefit when slaughtered for meat. I am not a vegetarian or vegan, I like a pie or two but that’s about it. I do not eat beef but will devour a bit of chicken. Yet we all have to change our attitudes and habits if we want our children and grandchildren to have a good, sound life. The other thing now in the news is the withdrawal of the car manufacturers. Or at least minimising production. Well, I have felt for some time that the unbridled selling and use of cars needs a check. By all accounts there are 36 million cars on the UK roads and mostly only in suburban areas. The consequent pollution is there for all to enjoy. Another reason to stop petrol/diesel cars. I drive a diesel car, but only because electric cars are far too expensive and there are very few charging points. For the foreseeable future I don’t think we’ll see much of a change. Much to do, but let’s hope the needed policies will be well researched and looked at from every angle before decisions are made. The UK has not got a good record in that, policies here tend to be made on the hoof and regretted afterwards. Let’s hope we will learn and learn quickly before it is too late!

Thursday, 7 February 2019

Leopards don't change their spots...

I did say I would not write any more about Brexit. But because it is such an alarming and disgraceful happening in the UK today, cannot be helped. Reading the various newspapers showed an article that more or less outlined exactly what I have always postulated. The day after the national referendum of 2016 we should have left. Closed the door, stopped all payments. There was no need to worry about imports of food and other things, companies abroad would not want to stop selling stuff to the UK just like that. It was always about the political spectrum. Not trade. The only thing we needed to do was to negotiate the future arrangements like ease of transport, tax (VAT) and the status of foreign nationals. If we had done that, Macron would not be president of France, Frau Merkel might have been retired and the Brussels autocracy taken down a number of pegs. The failure has been the lax attitude of the British politicians who to say the least have been sleeping for far too long. So, what is wrong with the political set-up here? The drive for equality, now known as PC, with as a result far too many mediocre MPs, both women and men. Because the top contenders for seats had to step down in the name of equality of numbers of women on the lists. All parties have been guilty of this and now we are saddled with what we can see and hear happening in Westminster. There was no trying to find the best candidate, woman or man. The other thing noticeable is the parties’ need for unity in direct contrast with the country’s needs. Compromises made and delays in legislation much needed but now put on the back-burner. So, grandstanding and petty squabbles now the norm. As Ann Widdicombe put it so succinctly – there is a disturbing increase in career politicians and an alarming estrangement of the public with the political class. So, what about the EU then? What is there in it for them? The failure of the autocracy has been to misunderstand the feeling in the UK about their abysmal failure to control the influx or rather to devise proper policies for integration of those who have come. This is not going to stop. Not now and not in the foreseeable future. Also their failure to devise good sound financial rules. They should have had a very good look at the good and the bad of the American system. As it is we are saddled with a continuing malaise, political indecision and infighting. You would have thought that by now the political class had changed from just being in it for themselves to a more caring attitude and a fair division of the available cash. But we are not. We’re just as we have always been in the UK except there are ever more trying to jump on the bandwagon of excess. It is no wonder both Scotland and Wales are trying to get shot of it. But sadly it will not improve, just change the emphasis from Westminster to Edinburgh and Cardiff. The leopards won’t change their spots.

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Snowflake Central at it again?

Oh dear, Liam Neeson has done it now, hasn’t he? Opened his mouth when it would have been better to let all the world’s snowflakes sleep on! But let’s have a look – did he say anything at all which a heck of a lot of other people have thought as well at some time or other? Sorry people get a life! Better start talking more about all, yes ALL the human failings that occur today. There are too many to write down here. For Pete’s sake Liam mentioned a feeling and thought he had billions of years ago, so what? When I was nine years old I wanted to smack another boy in the mouth. Am I sorry? No. Will I make amends? No. But I shall now go to Church and ask for forgiveness for my heinous misdemeanour. Snowflakes, you can rest again and go back to sleep.