Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Sorry, we've lost our marbles...

All that was said about the quality etc etc of our MPs speaking generally, was proved to be absolutely correct. Vividly displayed in the Commons yesterday. Whether you are against or for leaving the EU, the problem needs solid thinking and some compromise on all sides. I am in favour of out is out. In other words Leave without a deal. Any deal always needs two sides. That will work if all are genuine lookers for the best outcome for both worlds. In this case that is not the situation.
Both sides appear to be intransigent. The words that have been spent in it for over two years defy all logic. Scaremongering, out and out lies, deviation from normal practices of negotiation. Brilliant stuff for a movie! These people (MPs, EuroMPs, ministers, and more) whom we elected to look after our, the general population’s interest and well-being have failed miserably. Our MPs have been shown up in their real colours, self-serving halfwits. Time to get it sorted, even if it has to be a general election with the possibility of an even greater half-wit coming to power. What a sorry state but welcome to Britain of the 21st century!

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