Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Clean land of Wales? Tacluswch os gwelwch yn dda!

On this nice New Year's day I went on a walk with the family. Across the Ogmore Valley. There is a bit of a Common there, an area actually belonging to the Crown but otherwise open to the public. Also a forested area belonging to the Forestry Commission and a few farms. But what was upsetting to see is the amount of rubbish all around. Apparently people do come, most likely from the Bridgend/Aberkenfig areas to drop plastic bags full of cr*p. Household rubbish, cartons from the fast-food industry. Just to name a few. I think MacDonalds and Burgerking must be charged 10p for every box/bag/wrapping paper they give out. That money to be shared out among those areas or boroughs where there are such establishments to aid in clearing up. I have probably said this before although again not everybody is at fault, but there are many, too many, young people who seem to have no love for their surroundings. Don't seem to mind living in squalor, rotting food rests all around, paper, plastic polluting the roads and green land of Wales. Where I live I continually pick up empty cans, plastic wrapping like cellophane etc from the pavement. It is a shame but perhaps in 2019 we can begin to alter our vision and clear up after us. 

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