Thursday, 17 January 2019

Brexit, Yes/No, for ever!

This must be the last time I have to write something about Brexit. Our elected half-wits have let us down pretty badly. From where I am sitting as a previous Dutch national wonderfully integrated in Wales, the referendum of 2016 in which I took part, was pretty clear. Two questions, are you in or out, there were no conditions, no supplementary questions, no advice. Answer, by a 52% majority – OUT. In anyone’s thinking that meant we will leave the EU. But no, ever since that historic day a sizeable proportion of a mixed number of politicians and others have tried to subvert the referendum decision. Calling for another referendum without actually realising that is not democratic despite proclaiming they are democratic! Putting all sorts of objections, lies and personal opinions in the way. Simply because it means that every decision to be made in the future can be overturned by a minority if shouting loud enough. They would say however, you have to try to overturn bad decisions! So, we have arrived at a stalemate. Actually, I think now that the best way forward is to do absolutely nothing. That means leaving on 29 March without a deal. Simples! The best thing our Ms May can do is to start just talking to every other MP and party leaders about her last holiday in Wales. I know that Snowdonia is nice at the end of March.

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