Monday, 3 December 2018

Yet more Brexit, will it ever end?

You could arguably say there is something wrong with the British political leadership. Not just the Conservative government but the whole lot in Parliament. First of all due to pressure of a sizeable faction of all parties, not forgetting the then UKIP party, we decided on a referendum. Great idea. It already showed the weakness of the Conservative government. The result was to be fair, a foregone conclusion albeit a close one. Leave the EU. Things should have been simple all ties cut immediately, no further money. Simple. Simple? Forget simple, in the UK today nothing is simple. Because as soon as the result of the referendum was published, the snide remarks, the constant sniping, the what if’s, the ‘we are out of our minds’ opinions surfaced and how! It shows without any doubt that our government, indeed all political parties did not have any idea at all as to what to do. They did not expect this result and still don’t. It shows there is a malaise at the very top of the governing class. A feeble, wet behind the ears sort of feeling. How did we ever win WW2? I have to say knowing a bit about history it was touch and go. Even before it started there were plenty who wanted to appease. In fact there is nothing nice about our parliamentary system. But funny though, it works in the main. I suppose that’s democracy but sometimes top ministers need a dictatorial mindset. A message that Ms May needs to learn quickly, if she can and that’s debatable too. 
And finally, democracy is the word used in this country constantly, is it true though, are we really a democracy? I think we are basically an autocracy. There is a ruling class with totally different ideas to the general population. Just think about and then you will see how Brexit has developed! 

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