Saturday, 15 December 2018

What will the future be like?

Something to think about this Christmas? I am wondering like many others – are there aliens around? And if there are why don’t we hear or notice anything? Well, if you look at the state of this world we live on you could consider that the reasons we don’t hear anything is that there are none. At least no advanced alien civilisations. Here on Earth we are literally at the borderline. The way we treat the planet, the overpopulation, overfishing, plastic pollution, and all of the rest - if that is the norm of how civilisations develop then we will never hear of aliens because they and us as well are back in the Stone Age. The funny thing is this, we are also capable of reversing the trend. The answer lies within each of us, it starts at a young age. No, don’t throw that crisp packet on the floor, don’t discard your coke bottle on the road. Take your uneaten school sandwich home. Properly pack your rubbish in the sacks or bins provided. Don’t put them out too early and so on. The answer at least partially is in our own behaviour. Right now humanity is literally killing its own home! We are simply following the dinosaurs if we are not careful.
It is not really all that strange, all species have the same problem. If they find a good, relatively safe niche within the biological sphere, plenty of food, not too cold or too hot, water then they will expand to fill that sphere. In such a way that there comes a time that there is no longer enough food or water or both to sustain further expansion. From then on the species becomes weaker and will face a collapse in numbers. In fact due to uncontrollable diseases the species could well disappear altogether. Or they will change, some of the stronger elements will survive and alter. Just like the dinosaurs, crocodiles and turtles and other smaller species are still around. Indeed whether we like it or not we will have to change our selfish lifestyles. That is if we want our grandchildren to have a decent life.

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