Saturday, 1 December 2018

The lack of courage, and the shallowness of present politics.

A lot of people just don’t realise that to stay in the EU is basically to continue financing a losing side. The problem is not the idea of integration of the various states but their inability to have a consensus. That is to say they cannot agree on the best way forward. As was so ably demonstrated by the German Chancellor in her call to immigrants to come. The other states on the way of the routes to Germany were aghast at the numbers. Now I fully understand why they would want to come, after all don’t we all want a better life but what is missing is a proper integration policy. And if there is one it is mostly full of holes and incompatibilities, basically just words and no action. This is what also worries UK citizens, the lack of integration and the unbridled influx, the lack of proper policies and if there is such a thing, the lack of willingness to carry them out. As so ably demonstrated with the Asian sex gangs in northern England when normally good people just ignored the problems for fear of being labelled racist.
It is a woeful situation that our elected politicians have brought to us. An abject failure of thinking out the possible repercussions of these ideas. The lack of courage, and the shallowness of present politics. You can note this failure of proper thinking. Take Owen Smith, the failed MP of Pontypridd. I haven’t seen or heard from him for nearly two years but he was interviewed recently and stated his belief we needed a second referendum. Not a single idea of what that actually means. Just aping what others in similar low positions within the MP hierarchy have said. Not a single idea that this would entail the death of proper democracy. In other words we keep voting until he gets his desired result. That’s Labour for you but this disease is located in all political parties. It might be best to reduce the number of MPs to 300 and weed out all these blabbermouths and incompetents. Anyway, the present impasse will not go away soon, unless Ms May picks up her courage and resigns. We must find a proper thinking politician, to lead and have a chance to put things right. It will need strength and brinkmanship, it can be done and should be done. If not, then a general election must be called. It would probably mean Labour in power, so that would not solve the impasse either. For me it is simple, as I have said before, out is simply out. Walk away, close the door and burn the chequebook. If necessary start negotiations with anyone wanting to retain their markets. After all the UK is one of the largest consumer markets. It will be difficult, it will be hard but if we want to be on our own, set our own laws, control our borders then there is no real alternative.

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