Friday, 14 December 2018

Even more Brexit or No Brexit or perhaps Brexit...

I have and many others too, been critical of our politicians. And yes, what a shower they are as so remarkably shown on TV. I often looked wide-eyed at the performances of grandstanding and heard the most astounding rubbish! It is obvious or it should be, that our representatives have a complete misunderstanding about how the general population feels! But there is more than that – behind politicians, like rats hiding in the sewers, are the Civil Service. The little mandarins, permanent blockers we should call them. The glorious ESTABLISHMENT. What can anyone say? They have been revealed to be complete liars and ever since the 2016 referendum have been busily countermanding every step towards leaving the EU. It could be said that the anti-Brexit block is aided by the Establishment. I suppose it was always on the cards because being members of the EU would make their job so much easier. Loads of money for very little. They could sit in their plush offices, drinking coffee all day long, thinking about their next trip to a sunny beach all paid for by idiots like me. It is high time that we all wake up and call an end to this flagrant waste of money. This sort of establishment rule has to end now, it is no wonder that far-right and far-left parties are now popping up all over the place. For myself and I have always been centre-left I now feel very much more right! Even to the tune of independence for Wales. Just so as to get away from that country called London. Just wait and see, the next few years will see much more upheaval and all thanks to the blinkered, half-baked policies the establishment foisted upon us. Cymru am byth!

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