Sunday, 30 December 2018

A New Year's wish

It is incredible how inept government can be. Brexit has been trundling on for two years and we are still soldiering on. With no result any time soon. All talk and most of that is pure guesswork but no action.
Then some idiot decided to fly a few or just one, drone near to an airport. In this case the second biggest in the UK and we all dive for cover, shaking in our boots, looking fearfully up at the sky. Again the government has known about drones for a number of years, in fact flies these themselves via the armed forces. So there is no secret there of what these things can do. But here is the problem, MPs are supposed to discuss how and why we should curb their use. So, again an impasse, no-one agrees. Not even in the same party. The problem is that MPs do not seem to avail themselves of the details of any possible problem. At least not the intricate details. The problem though is not the machines but us! We seem to turn every machine around us into a weapon. Every game we play is about beating or killing something or someone else. Do we think we are peaceful, forget it, we are the nastiest thing on this globe. Even if we believe or have a faith, we need to ensure it is the uppermost faith and everyone else is not worth of living. Nice. It is not funny but then there are also those who think that to curb these impulses of the psyche we need to be ultra forgiving, everything is OK. Instead of tackling the injustices, the social inequalities, the impending food and water shortages, the plastic poisoning of the oceans and seas, the degradation of the environment we all depend on, we are overtly concerned with, yes, us again. Of course, it is important but we really need to remember we are only a small part of the globe. We need other living beings, we need microbes, we need birds, we need living space, we need trees, plants, flowers. Not just a few useful to us but everything. In all its colourful confusion. We need the bad, the good and the ugly! We can aid that life, we can adapt, we can perhaps even find the reason why we are here at all. Let’s hope we will see the proper way forward. To remember we are basically only a very small part of the greater whole. And that is a great wish for 2019!

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda! En ook nog een gelukkig Nieuwjaar! Happy New Year!

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