Monday, 12 November 2018

The Brexit Show - Who's the Dame?

What in all honesty is the matter with our politicians? Is the old adage – They haven’t a clue which way the wind is blowing – true in their case? Take the Brexit conundrum. As Mr McKinstry put it so brusquely in the Daily Express – A second EU vote (probably should have said, a second referendum) will not solve this Brexit turmoil. Absolutely, a second referendum would be as undemocratic as you will. You simply cannot keep voting until one or other party gets the result they want. A second referendum on an important issue such as this cannot solve the issue as there will follow a third because the losing party will or cannot accept the result. This I cannot believe, politicians thinking it is the right way to go! It puts a blanket of incompetence on all politicians. Mrs May seems to be hell-bent on steering through (and it’s pretty debatable) her plans engineered in Chequers because it allows the EU still too much power over UK issues. As I said before, out is out and please close the door. I just cannot get it through my head how well paid MPs of all sides are getting in such a mess. We seem to have a death wish in our beloved land. As Leo McKinstry stated, there is a spectacular failure of courage and imagination in Britain’s political class. They seem more concerned with issues of gender, political correctness and more, rather than important issues of state!
But in the end this question needs asking – who do politicians think they represent? Themselves or the electorate? Well, that power base of the ‘ruling orthodoxy’ needs dismantling straight away. Perhaps it all boils down to the softly softly PC approach of the PM. Get a grip PM, clothe yourself in a harness of British steel. And get on with it. The vote was cast, carry it out!

Ed 14/11/18 : Now that the so-called deal is materialising and viewing the furore it is creating, I think that this government is on its last legs. A dead man walking. The only problem is what will follow it when it falls? Labour is in no way competent at this time to form a proper and well-working government. That is if they ever were capable of doing so. If we think that their economic/financial ideas are the way to go, by all means vote accordingly but be prepared for a far greater b*lls-up!

Ed 8/4/19: Sorry friends, still no deaL WE ARE NOW HAVING EXTENSION AFTER EXTENSION. Yes, another word for delay. It might be prudent for the people to take control. MPs are no longer fit to run the country. I have changed my mind - have a second referendum and if that shows Stay then let's shut up and stay. If it says Go then also shut up and go. Close the door and have a general election.

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