Sunday, 4 November 2018

NHS - National Money Pit

The NHS is very much in the news again at present. The government has indicated that a lot more money is coming, the question is will it? Personally I believe that no matter how much money is given it will never be enough. The NHS is a bottomless pit. Whilst drug companies charge exorbitant prices for their medicines and people generally go to a GP just to get a supply of paracetamol which they could easily buy at Tesco for less than 30p? Whilst the top management keep on the practice of empire building and give themselves salaries of incredible proportions the NHS will be as it is today. Also when we are the world’s health service the money that it costs runs into the millions annually. It ought to be clear that a hard but fair re-organisation is needed. Less admin, better deals with drug companies, a much harder approach to foreign use of the NHS. I am not advocating that we should not help those that come to the UK but prior to them coming we need to know their needs and insurance details. When I went to Holland I needed quite a bit of dental treatment. Before that even started I had to pay! So why would it be different in the UK? We cannot be the world’s health service, and not expect other countries to be either. The E111 card is a bit of a useless item because the dental surgery did not even recognise it? Had never even seen it and refused to accept it. It might be OK if you run under a bus or something like that and end up in hospital but see a GP, no sir! Please pay. Then try to get your cash back from the NHS. Anyway, as said the NHS is a bottomless pit, a great institution with wonderful doctors, surgeons and nurses but it needs a good looking at, a complete reorganisation, one which will make it fit for the 21st century.

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