Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Treasure Hunters

Last night I was astounded by what has happened in World War II. The television program called Nazi Treasure Hunters on the More4 Channel showed some very unpalatable truths about human nature. First of all the terrible happenings in the Nazi camps, the collection of gold teeth and other jewellery. But also what happened to the gold. To me it showed the avaricious nature of humans. Even countries like Switzerland and Portugal being heavily engaged in clearing gold so that the Nazis could buy war materials. Nice country that, Switzerland, outward anti-Nazi, inward everyone in the Swiss banks were engaged in the Nazi gold exchange. Making huge profits taken from the vast suffering in the camps. So called white-washing dirty money. Even today as the program stated, Swiss banks still hold Nazi gold and art objects. Why don’t we as ‘civilised’ people instruct the Swiss to OPEN the vaults to a proper inspection. I think that country simply stinks. It may look nice, lovely mountains but it hides some very nasty history. Time to change it. Portugal too was implicated in this trade. Apparently carrying on for a number of decades after the war, selling gold on the streets in Lisbon. Sweden also profited. These were so-called neutral countries! How neutral is neutral nowadays. Human beings are a pretty nasty lot when it comes to gold. I wonder how many ‘upstanding’ citizens of the world hide behind a clean-shaven’ façade of respectability? Whilst behind that façade hide the darkest and dirtiest secrets of all time. Aiding in the murder of millions of people. Prolonging the agony through their avarice and greed. Nice work when you can get it. Switzerland is built on a mountain of gold with thousands upon thousands if not millions, of dead bodies below it. Have a nice holiday, people.

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