Saturday, 8 September 2018

Laws and more laws

I suppose I am a law-abiding person. Much like most other people. But sometimes I think the laws that are made are a bit, shall we say, nonsensical? Take this new one about cold-calling. You know the type, ‘Hey are you not claiming PPI, why not? You could be awaiting a trillion pounds!’ Yeah we’ve had them all. But this law will stop all those nuisance calls. Or won’t they? I do think not. Why? We are now getting calls from abroad, from those countries where this law does not apply. While it may stop calls from registered British companies, it won’t stop others. It also may companies get up and get out. We will see I think pretty soon as to how this is going to pan out.

Another proposal now is to make divorce easier, like it is not already easy enough. Well, why not just make a declaration, Love is gone, out of the window. Goodbye. Get the papers signed by the local undertaker and hey presto, where is my next partner? People tend to forget that a partnership and yes I personally believe that is a man and a woman but forgive me I am actually not living in today’s world, I am still in 1960; a partnership that basically is set up to benefit a family. Yes, children. Benefit also to a stable society. In my opinion in the UK we cannot call it having a stable society. It is a society that suffers constant upheavals, mostly half-cooked ideas from academics with mickey-mouse degrees. Or even aristocrats who would love to go back to 1066. Build a castle, and start marauding the locals for taxes. So, yes a partnership, it is not just about sex, biologically speaking sex is about just one thing, procreation. And to ensure procreation it is made a pleasant occupation. Understanding that fact will make a partnership much stronger. Ah well, where was Utopia again?

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