Thursday, 27 September 2018

Labour is dead...

Goodbye Labour…

The one and only workers party we had in the UK is now good and well dead and it buried itself last night on telly for all to see. It is quite funny, if not stupidly so, to see a political party being taken over by a minority! 
Motormouth Corbyn trying to sound like a world politician, but one who has no idea where Israel actually is situated. Chants of  (if you could hear them between the screams of exited ladies, yes Corbyn is a pin-up too) ‘from the river to the sea’ meaning no Israel existing of course.

Then we had the ‘nodding donkey’ Ms Butler who can be seen vigorously nodding at everything the Motormouth is saying at PM’s question time! Saying a few words and trying to be intelligible.  It really was a pathetic show that would have been quite in place at the Edinburgh festival. 400,000 green jobs, what in all honesty does that mean? That might mean you cannot fa*t in the London Tube anymore. Because if you did Corbyn’s Green Police would nab you and send you down to a year’s hard labour picking strawberries in Lincolnshire. Yes, in winter! Just such an ludicrous idea as all the others that came last night. I quake when hearing what they want to do, re-nationalise water, electric, gas and no doubt a host of others. Did you ever think we already had a sizable debt? Nearly 2 trillion quid? That’s nothing, if Labour gets its grubby little hands on the Treasury our debt will soar to incredible heights. I suppose the gullible public in the UK has not learned anything at all about why the East Bloc collapsed? The Reds have never gone away, they just took a well-earned rest I suppose and are now waking up. Labour is no-more, welcome the NEW COMMUNIST PARTY!

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