Saturday, 22 September 2018

EU? What EU want?

I often wonder whether our leading politicians know exactly what they are doing. Take Brexit. The referendum was, in my opinion, a clear fact. We leave the EU. End of story. Ah, but now the cess-pit opened up. Leave yes, but let’s cherry-pick a bit. We want to keep trading for free. We want no further immigrants but we knew that was against one of the EU’s policies, part of the freedom of movement. It seems to me from Mrs May’s plan that we want the penny and the bun. Now if she thought that the EU leaders didn’t know that she was sadly mistaken. They know she is in a weak position, we can all see that here as well. A minority government. The EU leaders don’t have to play hardball even, although it seems to be doing just that; no, they only just have to refuse to even talk about Mrs May’s demands and/or suggestions. It is Non, nein, nee and please go back to the drawing board. Friends, there will be no trade agreement, it’s not really feasible, it never was. Leaving the EU, is just leaving and please close the door. We are just wasting a lot of time and in the meantime destroy a lot of people’s reputations. Let’s stop this charade right now. Tell the French to stick their cheese up where the sun don’t shine and tell the Germans – Auf wiedersehen. The EU is actually not in such a strong position anyway, why has no UK politician grasped that fact? And exploited it? Good call!
And now as the latest news has come around - Mrs May has obviously decided that she is not getting anywhere with being nice. Now we talk about respect, well, frankly it was never there on the EU side. Why? Because we are rocking the cruise ship. The cruise ship of plenty, free drinks, lavish expense accounts. A gravy train of massive proportions. It had to fail at some time and personally I think that time has come. We should go back to the original idea - a proper and well working trading block. Forget about political unity, in a Europe of 27 (and more) states all mostly speaking different languages and having different outlooks on life, it was always going to be an impossible task. Well, it has been tried a few times, mostly militarily, The Germans have never lost the idea of  Teutonic overlord-ship. The French have tried it but we all know what the French are like, when the going gets tough, they change government and capitulate. On its own perhaps not a bad idea. I am now waiting for the Andorran army to come storming out of its Pyrenees mountain stronghold to overrun Europe and establish the 1000-year empire. Or perhaps the Papal state has an idea of regaining its long-lost territories? May the good Lord help us all.

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