Thursday, 20 September 2018

Building frenzy...

On a simple visit to Cardiff, my capital city of the country I live in, Wales (still part of the UK but if Westminster keeps on this ludicrous excuse of governing, it might not be for much longer), I was astounded at the pace of change! High rise monstrosities hiding under the name of office blocks. Office blocks we apparently need. Wholesale changing of the cityscape. Well, OK the city rules I suppose. Then I drove back home via the old A.4119 and marvelled at the destruction of the ubiquitous green fields for yet more housing. Not affordable homes mind; no, expensive 3,4 and 5 bed-room housing. Whole fields are going under, meaning Cardiff is growing at an alarming rate. This fact and having read an article stating our wildlife is under severe stress, and having listened to Chris Packham saying that some of the reasons are linked to the explosion in house building, paving over whole farms. Why all this? Well, you don’t have to guess much more. Immigration is the main culprit, but also because city dwellers are being pushed out by the aforementioned office building frenzy. They move to the suburbs, the suburbs move out to the newer homes . It is like a new westward wave of humans. OK, now I got that off my chest, what’s next? Concrete Britain? The only veggie growing done under glass? Me thinks that western humanity is losing sight of its raison d’etre! We cannot surely think that the way we live now is good? That nature will continue to support us? We are dependent on nature, to treat it as we do is surely the beginning of the steps towards oblivion? Nature got rid of the dinosaurs in less than ten years. Yes, because of a large meteor but not just that, the resultant weather change! And what do we see today? Are we in the western world going to be guilty of the next major extinction? Well, you decide.

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