Saturday, 29 September 2018

Hackers? Where the...

Reports of and on software breaches, like the recent Facebook one where some 30 to 50million users’ data was compromised are becoming a frequent occasion. One of the problems is the sheer volume of code. I have done my own website and a few others and I can assure you I have run into those problems when due to wanting to ‘move’ an object or image you inadvertently run into that the code you used clashes with something similar already there. Or you used a subroutine that also unknowingly interacts with something else. The thing is this, why do software developers not test out their code much more thoroughly? In the race for getting nice looking web-sites with plenty of user-interactive items we have just allowed ourselves to become vulnerable. There is no time for checking. There is no excuse for Facebook to blandly state that ‘It is a war'. Yes, but only because they have left themselves defenceless. The problem has arisen and up to 50 million are compromised and now the word is, we have patched the vulnerability. Great, but the vulnerability should not be there in the first place. It is the same with Microsoft, it is mostly not new software but added on bits all over the place. Some of these create what I call open ports, or easy ways to scan and glean data. It is however true to say that computers cannot be 100% safe. Simply because you need to get on-line, meaning you open the door and say ‘Cooeee, here I am, come and get me’. Having a defence therefore of good and sound software and not using the machine to visit nefarious places or answering emails from the Nigerian princes who are dying and wish to give you millions of their money before they go or even thinking you won the Canadian Lottery without having bought a ticket? A lot of damage can be avoided by better use of your systems. Remember the Russian or any other hackers, never sleep. Keep your doors closed and lock them because Putin might come a’nocking! Actually is already doing it!

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Labour is dead...

Goodbye Labour…

The one and only workers party we had in the UK is now good and well dead and it buried itself last night on telly for all to see. It is quite funny, if not stupidly so, to see a political party being taken over by a minority! 
Motormouth Corbyn trying to sound like a world politician, but one who has no idea where Israel actually is situated. Chants of  (if you could hear them between the screams of exited ladies, yes Corbyn is a pin-up too) ‘from the river to the sea’ meaning no Israel existing of course.

Then we had the ‘nodding donkey’ Ms Butler who can be seen vigorously nodding at everything the Motormouth is saying at PM’s question time! Saying a few words and trying to be intelligible.  It really was a pathetic show that would have been quite in place at the Edinburgh festival. 400,000 green jobs, what in all honesty does that mean? That might mean you cannot fa*t in the London Tube anymore. Because if you did Corbyn’s Green Police would nab you and send you down to a year’s hard labour picking strawberries in Lincolnshire. Yes, in winter! Just such an ludicrous idea as all the others that came last night. I quake when hearing what they want to do, re-nationalise water, electric, gas and no doubt a host of others. Did you ever think we already had a sizable debt? Nearly 2 trillion quid? That’s nothing, if Labour gets its grubby little hands on the Treasury our debt will soar to incredible heights. I suppose the gullible public in the UK has not learned anything at all about why the East Bloc collapsed? The Reds have never gone away, they just took a well-earned rest I suppose and are now waking up. Labour is no-more, welcome the NEW COMMUNIST PARTY!

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Treasure Hunters

Last night I was astounded by what has happened in World War II. The television program called Nazi Treasure Hunters on the More4 Channel showed some very unpalatable truths about human nature. First of all the terrible happenings in the Nazi camps, the collection of gold teeth and other jewellery. But also what happened to the gold. To me it showed the avaricious nature of humans. Even countries like Switzerland and Portugal being heavily engaged in clearing gold so that the Nazis could buy war materials. Nice country that, Switzerland, outward anti-Nazi, inward everyone in the Swiss banks were engaged in the Nazi gold exchange. Making huge profits taken from the vast suffering in the camps. So called white-washing dirty money. Even today as the program stated, Swiss banks still hold Nazi gold and art objects. Why don’t we as ‘civilised’ people instruct the Swiss to OPEN the vaults to a proper inspection. I think that country simply stinks. It may look nice, lovely mountains but it hides some very nasty history. Time to change it. Portugal too was implicated in this trade. Apparently carrying on for a number of decades after the war, selling gold on the streets in Lisbon. Sweden also profited. These were so-called neutral countries! How neutral is neutral nowadays. Human beings are a pretty nasty lot when it comes to gold. I wonder how many ‘upstanding’ citizens of the world hide behind a clean-shaven’ façade of respectability? Whilst behind that façade hide the darkest and dirtiest secrets of all time. Aiding in the murder of millions of people. Prolonging the agony through their avarice and greed. Nice work when you can get it. Switzerland is built on a mountain of gold with thousands upon thousands if not millions, of dead bodies below it. Have a nice holiday, people.

Saturday, 22 September 2018

EU? What EU want?

I often wonder whether our leading politicians know exactly what they are doing. Take Brexit. The referendum was, in my opinion, a clear fact. We leave the EU. End of story. Ah, but now the cess-pit opened up. Leave yes, but let’s cherry-pick a bit. We want to keep trading for free. We want no further immigrants but we knew that was against one of the EU’s policies, part of the freedom of movement. It seems to me from Mrs May’s plan that we want the penny and the bun. Now if she thought that the EU leaders didn’t know that she was sadly mistaken. They know she is in a weak position, we can all see that here as well. A minority government. The EU leaders don’t have to play hardball even, although it seems to be doing just that; no, they only just have to refuse to even talk about Mrs May’s demands and/or suggestions. It is Non, nein, nee and please go back to the drawing board. Friends, there will be no trade agreement, it’s not really feasible, it never was. Leaving the EU, is just leaving and please close the door. We are just wasting a lot of time and in the meantime destroy a lot of people’s reputations. Let’s stop this charade right now. Tell the French to stick their cheese up where the sun don’t shine and tell the Germans – Auf wiedersehen. The EU is actually not in such a strong position anyway, why has no UK politician grasped that fact? And exploited it? Good call!
And now as the latest news has come around - Mrs May has obviously decided that she is not getting anywhere with being nice. Now we talk about respect, well, frankly it was never there on the EU side. Why? Because we are rocking the cruise ship. The cruise ship of plenty, free drinks, lavish expense accounts. A gravy train of massive proportions. It had to fail at some time and personally I think that time has come. We should go back to the original idea - a proper and well working trading block. Forget about political unity, in a Europe of 27 (and more) states all mostly speaking different languages and having different outlooks on life, it was always going to be an impossible task. Well, it has been tried a few times, mostly militarily, The Germans have never lost the idea of  Teutonic overlord-ship. The French have tried it but we all know what the French are like, when the going gets tough, they change government and capitulate. On its own perhaps not a bad idea. I am now waiting for the Andorran army to come storming out of its Pyrenees mountain stronghold to overrun Europe and establish the 1000-year empire. Or perhaps the Papal state has an idea of regaining its long-lost territories? May the good Lord help us all.

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Building frenzy...

On a simple visit to Cardiff, my capital city of the country I live in, Wales (still part of the UK but if Westminster keeps on this ludicrous excuse of governing, it might not be for much longer), I was astounded at the pace of change! High rise monstrosities hiding under the name of office blocks. Office blocks we apparently need. Wholesale changing of the cityscape. Well, OK the city rules I suppose. Then I drove back home via the old A.4119 and marvelled at the destruction of the ubiquitous green fields for yet more housing. Not affordable homes mind; no, expensive 3,4 and 5 bed-room housing. Whole fields are going under, meaning Cardiff is growing at an alarming rate. This fact and having read an article stating our wildlife is under severe stress, and having listened to Chris Packham saying that some of the reasons are linked to the explosion in house building, paving over whole farms. Why all this? Well, you don’t have to guess much more. Immigration is the main culprit, but also because city dwellers are being pushed out by the aforementioned office building frenzy. They move to the suburbs, the suburbs move out to the newer homes . It is like a new westward wave of humans. OK, now I got that off my chest, what’s next? Concrete Britain? The only veggie growing done under glass? Me thinks that western humanity is losing sight of its raison d’etre! We cannot surely think that the way we live now is good? That nature will continue to support us? We are dependent on nature, to treat it as we do is surely the beginning of the steps towards oblivion? Nature got rid of the dinosaurs in less than ten years. Yes, because of a large meteor but not just that, the resultant weather change! And what do we see today? Are we in the western world going to be guilty of the next major extinction? Well, you decide.

Friday, 14 September 2018

Pigs do fly..

Recently discovered, pigs do fly after all.... in Russia. It was funny to listen to the explanations of two Russian agents as to why they went to Salisbury. World famous spire of the cathedral? Of course, in Russia they are three deep waiting for flights to Southampton Airport to get to Salisbury before the spire collapses. I just hope we can get hold of these two examples of a nation's disgrace to try them in court. It will be fun but also tragic.

Saturday, 8 September 2018

Laws and more laws

I suppose I am a law-abiding person. Much like most other people. But sometimes I think the laws that are made are a bit, shall we say, nonsensical? Take this new one about cold-calling. You know the type, ‘Hey are you not claiming PPI, why not? You could be awaiting a trillion pounds!’ Yeah we’ve had them all. But this law will stop all those nuisance calls. Or won’t they? I do think not. Why? We are now getting calls from abroad, from those countries where this law does not apply. While it may stop calls from registered British companies, it won’t stop others. It also may companies get up and get out. We will see I think pretty soon as to how this is going to pan out.

Another proposal now is to make divorce easier, like it is not already easy enough. Well, why not just make a declaration, Love is gone, out of the window. Goodbye. Get the papers signed by the local undertaker and hey presto, where is my next partner? People tend to forget that a partnership and yes I personally believe that is a man and a woman but forgive me I am actually not living in today’s world, I am still in 1960; a partnership that basically is set up to benefit a family. Yes, children. Benefit also to a stable society. In my opinion in the UK we cannot call it having a stable society. It is a society that suffers constant upheavals, mostly half-cooked ideas from academics with mickey-mouse degrees. Or even aristocrats who would love to go back to 1066. Build a castle, and start marauding the locals for taxes. So, yes a partnership, it is not just about sex, biologically speaking sex is about just one thing, procreation. And to ensure procreation it is made a pleasant occupation. Understanding that fact will make a partnership much stronger. Ah well, where was Utopia again?