Thursday, 9 August 2018

Self-righteous or what..

Yeah, here we go again, self-righteous Britain at its best. What is it about? Well, the  media attacks on our good ol' Eton chappie Boris. Actually I'm not sure if he went to Eton but there you go. So, what did he say other than his personal held opinions? In fact I believe that his opinion on the dress code of some women is pretty well held by a heck of a lot of others in this country. I hope you will notice how careful I try to write this?  The problem is that we in the UK still think we are better than everyone else. Most of Europe is outlawing the dress code, no veils thank you. Although even Boris said that there should be no ban. But there is a divide, and that divide is between most of the general public, and politicians/media. In one of the national newspapers it is said that it is mainly Brexiteers who want Boris out. Now, why should that be then? I am not a follower of Boris but I don't mind a politician who speaks some unpalatable things from time to time. Or points out some of the idiotic things that happen around Westminster. Let us not begin this process of weeding out people who have different opinions of our own. Or who say things we do not agree with. Britain  is NOT Germany of the 1930's! And should never be!
So calm down and once again smell the roses. Hwyl am y tro! 

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