Sunday, 5 August 2018

Our footprint is too big...

I suppose you could say I have a bit of a jaundiced view of politics and in the general state of the country. I live in what I call a blessed environment, yes, it has problems but these would not take too long too sort out. It is not all the fault of politicians. It has to be understood that the general public (yes, that includes myself) has to bear a lot of the blame. Our young people have apparently no problem with rubbish. They don't see it, they just add to it. You can see a tidy car with four young adults, suddenly a load of paper wrapping, food containers and a bag all emblazoned with a big M (now where did that come from?) is thrown out of the moving car. Nice. Young girls enjoy some bags of chips, but do not like it all, watch the weight you know and onto the street it goes. Food for the plentiful rats I suppose. Well, OK so it is our own attitude to the environment that is at the root of the problem. It is not a new thing of course but throughout the existence of humanity on this planet it has been with us. But now because of our numbers we do really need to take more care. It cannot be right to hear that there is a hundreds of miles wide area in the Pacific that is just full of plastic waste. That fish, whales and all sorts of animals eat this stuff thinking it is food. Whose problem is that then? Well, it is all of us. There is a caveat here, what if the Atlantic would end up like that? It is not just whole plastic bags, but billions of tiny pieces.
Go to your seaside and see what's on the beach. That is nothing compared to what is already in the water! But it is not irreversible, we can all do good and start to recycle. Moreover we need to tell politicians to get their act together and impose proper guidelines to the manufacture of plastics. Manufacturers, the plastics industry need to be told what can and what cannot be produced, it needs to be 100% recyclable! So, let's start today! Sort your rubbish, if there is a recycling scheme, use it well. If you have a garden, invest in the purchase of a green composting bin. All my green waste goes into the bin and six or so weeks later out comes wonderful compost. It is true, our footprint on this world needs to be much smaller because if we do not change, nature will simply get rid of us. Just look at all those species that have outgrown the ability of nature to support it, GONE!  

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