Monday, 13 August 2018

Fake, real, fake, real, no FAKE I said...

I am a great fan of a television programme called ‘Fake or Fortune’. Last night (12/8/18) it showed a painting owned by a lady bought for £165,000 that had been said to be a fake. This was decided by the usual ‘expert’. A lady who wrote a book, a catalogue of the painter’s works. The programme did some very thorough investigations, even going to Canada. They checked the paints used, the way it was painted, the actual board with writing on the back. Checked the writing style, dates that were still visible. They all matched the Canadian painting, a painting that was definitely not a fake. So, our painting here was similar in quality, materials, same writing, same markings. So, what sort of an expert has then found it was a fake? Well, apparently there were two brush strokes she did not like. Were not correct. Eh? What? I am not an expert but I believe in probabilities and that tells me that the probability of that painting declared to be fake, is over 98% not a fake. When the checking expert decided it was a fake she had no sight of the back of the painting, had not seen the writing, had not had it x-rayed, did not see the way it was painted on and over another image that also was of items the original artist painted, flowers called frisias. It all showed that so-called experts are not always correct, make silly mistakes and ignore all evidence. All to keep their ‘tough’ image on line.
Sorry to have to say this but I would no longer trust that ‘expert’. The lady has been seen to be wanting!

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