Friday, 24 August 2018

Dysgu Cymraeg (eto)

Newyddion doniol - Dw i wedi ymuno cwrs Gymraeg arall - Uwchradd 2. Wel, dim ond unwaith byddwch yn byw! Yn y cyfamser dw i'n defnyddio rhaglen wych ar y gyfrifiadur ac hefyd 'Google Cyfieithu' (Google Translate). Dyma rhaglen arall gan Prifysgol o Fangor - ApGeiriadur (am ffoniau symudol neu ffoniau clyfar). Cymorth mawr i dysgwyr yr iaith! Dw i wedi geisio ymuno grwpiau siaradwyr lleol ond anfoddus dim digon o bobl siarad Cymraeg nawr yn yr ardal TafElai. Gormod o Saesnegwyr o gwmpas. Dod o Fryste? Falle mae'r Cyngor Llundain yn dalu y Gynnulliad yma symud bobl i Dde Cymru?  Ysmygu ar wahan, wir neu angywir? Dywedwch wrthyf! Hwyl am y tro!

Monday, 13 August 2018

Fake, real, fake, real, no FAKE I said...

I am a great fan of a television programme called ‘Fake or Fortune’. Last night (12/8/18) it showed a painting owned by a lady bought for £165,000 that had been said to be a fake. This was decided by the usual ‘expert’. A lady who wrote a book, a catalogue of the painter’s works. The programme did some very thorough investigations, even going to Canada. They checked the paints used, the way it was painted, the actual board with writing on the back. Checked the writing style, dates that were still visible. They all matched the Canadian painting, a painting that was definitely not a fake. So, our painting here was similar in quality, materials, same writing, same markings. So, what sort of an expert has then found it was a fake? Well, apparently there were two brush strokes she did not like. Were not correct. Eh? What? I am not an expert but I believe in probabilities and that tells me that the probability of that painting declared to be fake, is over 98% not a fake. When the checking expert decided it was a fake she had no sight of the back of the painting, had not seen the writing, had not had it x-rayed, did not see the way it was painted on and over another image that also was of items the original artist painted, flowers called frisias. It all showed that so-called experts are not always correct, make silly mistakes and ignore all evidence. All to keep their ‘tough’ image on line.
Sorry to have to say this but I would no longer trust that ‘expert’. The lady has been seen to be wanting!

Saturday, 11 August 2018

Losing sight of reality...

Friends, are we losing sight of reality? I was watching the BBC news on television this morning and although I am now of the opinion that the BBC is guilty of being, let’s say, one sided, the discussion about the news of what was in the papers was a bit on the weird side. The liberal agenda was there for all to see and hear, so let’s have a female James Bond. No, we must have a black Bond. No, Bond should be a robot. May I say if you have read the books it seems that James Bond was certainly not female, not had a skin tint and was not a squirrel either. I purchased a recent film on CD, Black Panther, and thought it was great. Good actors who fitted the story admirably well. Do we now have to complain that there were no white actors called Bond in there? Of course not. We are now pandering to the idiotic requests of all sorts of weirdos and we have lost sense of reality.

The Labour leader’s *** views on Israel are pretty well known, yet he felt it was a good photo opportunity to be seen laying a wreath at the Munich memorial for the Israeli athletes. On its own a very nice thing to do but…? Then we heard that Boris had not lost his support from the centre part of the Conservative party. But the great and gullible Mrs May has it in for him now. As it was mentioned a bit too quickly we seem to have a strange political set-up. We have a Prime Minister who feels anti-Brexit but champions Brexit and we have a leader of the opposition who inwardly feels we have to be out of Europe yet he champions or is made to feel that we have to be in the European Union. Boris made some remarks which to be truthful are felt by the great silent majority but is held to be seen as a racist and bumbling charlatan. When will we be courageous enough to say to these liberal idiots, please shut it? Or better have a look at the opposing views and opinions? Lastly, is it not time that the great silent majority says at least something? I am mostly of that ilk but now I no longer want to be silent.
I have already said my bit about Boris and my views in general about politicians are also well known.
Again I must state, not ALL politicians, that’s the trouble with using words, they do not always convey a correct meaning and can be open to interpretation.
The trouble is we are hearing and seeing far too much. Yes, it is terrible, floods in France, dust storms in Australia, hundreds killed in the earthquakes. The only thing it does is make us afraid to get out onto the streets. There is little I can do to stop floods in France. Or earthquakes. However, we must not stop those news items. Only I think not show them in such great, endless detail. I don’t want to be made to feel powerless, or inadequate, deficient or found wanting. That’s why we need knowledgeable, competent, truthful politicians, leaders. People we can trust to do the right things, who are not prolifigate (I made this word up from the adjective prolific, nice eh?) with OUR money, who spend what they have and can to the benefit of the population. Yes, I do live in hope.

***I think the bit about laying wreaths is probably not correct -  not at the graves of Israeli athletes but Palestinian terrorists. Wow, sorry Jeremy it gets worse and worse. Just go on a very long extended holiday, something like 20 years? What all this shows is something for ALL politicians to remember - Watch what you say and do and that whatever you said or have done 20 years ago might come back and bite you in the ar*e!

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Self-righteous or what..

Yeah, here we go again, self-righteous Britain at its best. What is it about? Well, the  media attacks on our good ol' Eton chappie Boris. Actually I'm not sure if he went to Eton but there you go. So, what did he say other than his personal held opinions? In fact I believe that his opinion on the dress code of some women is pretty well held by a heck of a lot of others in this country. I hope you will notice how careful I try to write this?  The problem is that we in the UK still think we are better than everyone else. Most of Europe is outlawing the dress code, no veils thank you. Although even Boris said that there should be no ban. But there is a divide, and that divide is between most of the general public, and politicians/media. In one of the national newspapers it is said that it is mainly Brexiteers who want Boris out. Now, why should that be then? I am not a follower of Boris but I don't mind a politician who speaks some unpalatable things from time to time. Or points out some of the idiotic things that happen around Westminster. Let us not begin this process of weeding out people who have different opinions of our own. Or who say things we do not agree with. Britain  is NOT Germany of the 1930's! And should never be!
So calm down and once again smell the roses. Hwyl am y tro! 

Sunday, 5 August 2018

Our footprint is too big...

I suppose you could say I have a bit of a jaundiced view of politics and in the general state of the country. I live in what I call a blessed environment, yes, it has problems but these would not take too long too sort out. It is not all the fault of politicians. It has to be understood that the general public (yes, that includes myself) has to bear a lot of the blame. Our young people have apparently no problem with rubbish. They don't see it, they just add to it. You can see a tidy car with four young adults, suddenly a load of paper wrapping, food containers and a bag all emblazoned with a big M (now where did that come from?) is thrown out of the moving car. Nice. Young girls enjoy some bags of chips, but do not like it all, watch the weight you know and onto the street it goes. Food for the plentiful rats I suppose. Well, OK so it is our own attitude to the environment that is at the root of the problem. It is not a new thing of course but throughout the existence of humanity on this planet it has been with us. But now because of our numbers we do really need to take more care. It cannot be right to hear that there is a hundreds of miles wide area in the Pacific that is just full of plastic waste. That fish, whales and all sorts of animals eat this stuff thinking it is food. Whose problem is that then? Well, it is all of us. There is a caveat here, what if the Atlantic would end up like that? It is not just whole plastic bags, but billions of tiny pieces.
Go to your seaside and see what's on the beach. That is nothing compared to what is already in the water! But it is not irreversible, we can all do good and start to recycle. Moreover we need to tell politicians to get their act together and impose proper guidelines to the manufacture of plastics. Manufacturers, the plastics industry need to be told what can and what cannot be produced, it needs to be 100% recyclable! So, let's start today! Sort your rubbish, if there is a recycling scheme, use it well. If you have a garden, invest in the purchase of a green composting bin. All my green waste goes into the bin and six or so weeks later out comes wonderful compost. It is true, our footprint on this world needs to be much smaller because if we do not change, nature will simply get rid of us. Just look at all those species that have outgrown the ability of nature to support it, GONE!