Thursday, 5 July 2018

World Cup - a pantomime?

Wow, the World Cup, brilliant and idiotic all at the same time. I love football and having Dutch genes (can’t help it you know!) was very sorry to see Holland go out. But hey, England Wales’ neighbour managed to go and that’ll do nicely! Except the team seems to attract other nation’s teams who seem to be playing another game. Something like volleyball or a game with no ball in it at all. Like perhaps wrestling? I cannot believe this is accidental, this surely is and was premeditated by the players and staff. Tunisia, Colombia just to name a few. Mostly South American nations. But it has percolated to other second and third rate football nations. Fall about, obviously clutch face, just wondering when the blood sacks are going to be brought in for a better effect? A good question, did these South American players ever do a course in pantomime but have forgotten to dress up?
It is ludicrous that referees actually allow these histrionics! I think a stand has to be made, even if teams end up with six players and no goalie, well that’s their problem. But I do think we need to tackle this behaviour for the sake of fair play and an improved sport to watch!

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