Sunday, 29 July 2018

The Saxons are coming - again...

There has and still is a lot of talk about people having lost trust in politicians. We hear reports about police having lost control over our streets. Drug pushers trading openly. Moped riders terrorising London’s streets. The reality is pretty stark. When I look at some of the local issues here in South Wales, the degradation of the environment, the rubbish strewn streets, the lack of infrastructure, it is easy to despair. Where are the politicians with ideas? Where are the police? All that seems happening is house building. Well yes but again it is done without any idea about services. Think of a thousand new houses in an area where there are already problems with getting doctor’s appointments and the one or two dentist’s surgeries are already overfull. Where there are schools who have to cope with children that cannot even speak English. Where children sit in classes of over thirty strong because the Victorian school buildings are not fit for purpose. House building in Wales suffers from one problem, it attracts those from England who sell their houses at top dollar and buying cheaper houses in Wales. The ‘profit’ could be as much as £50,000 pending where they come from. It all sounds too good to be true but is the reality. You could ask this question – Why build thousands of houses in Wales where there is very little demand for housing. In fact a couple of hundred cheaper houses in the areas of need would see most people happy. What we see though is massive private estates being built on green sites everywhere but mostly in the main road corridors of the M4 and A55. It has to be obvious that there is something else going on. Wales is being used as an overflow bin. Once again richer English flood in making money with Welsh young couples unable to afford a place to live. Due to the inability of our so-called betters(!) to come up with working policies we are ending up with what can only be called the Second Great Move Westward. The Saxons have never given up, have they? This will be the time that the Celts will finally go under. I know it has nationalistic overtones but if I as a single guy can see the way ‘things’ are going, why cannot politicians do the same? Or is it ‘After me the deluge? I do my five years and to hell with what comes after, that will be someone else’s problem’. Is that how deep we have sunk? It appears so.

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