Thursday, 5 July 2018

Social rumblings

One of the many problems that society has to cope with is that well-educated people tend to dish out the justice. But the question is – do these people actually understand the level at which the so-called poor have to live? A lot of people would say yes That the low educated poor themselves have not taken the opportunities available to them. No, they were never available. Lack of money, lack of parental support, and even no parental support because there wasn’t any. When you are born in a semi-derelict estate built by those ‘caring’ social experiments of the do-gooders, your chances are already halved. Coming into the schools where the teachers have only one goal and that is to get home as soon as possible, the choices are further diminished by another 50%. And moreover by the time they are of employable age they will be lucky to get a job of the ‘zero-hours’ variety. When you are called at 2 o'clock in the night to fill some shelves. You might think we are in the Victorian era, no this is 2018! There never seems to be a good middle way, it is always the worst end of either social spectrum. Total capitalism or total socialism. We pride ourselves we have freedom – do we really? We also live within quite a straight jacket, think about it. If we want society to change for the better, we first and foremost will have to set up a way to work with children, better schooling, better teaching and teachers. Furthermore we will have to consider how to deal with them when they are ready for work. It is no good educating, as it seems to be today, everybody to university standard and then no jobs available, except more shelf filling! It is also paramount to look at the population explosion here. This island nation now has 66million people, increasing by hundreds of thousands every year. And I am not really talking about immigration although it is one of the underlying causes. We live longer but not necessarily better or healthier. It needs sorting – what do we and how do we want to live in the 21st and 22nd centuries? For we are responsible for the upbringing of those who will live then.

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