Monday, 11 June 2018

New Data protection

With all the new regulations still coming from Europe I have changed my blog and deleted the Contact page. Simply because I just can't be bothered about possible questions, court appearances,  arguments etc etc. One good thing came about almost straight away, spam email virtually disappeared. Good. So now you will find some pics, articles or art made personally. The front page has a new composition with some interesting fish. I am also trying out animation. I have a couple of dragons flying but I need to delete the background for superimposition. Should be ready soon.  So now I managed to get a funny mouse onto the Welsh page (Tudalen Cymraeg) and on the 'More..' page a few kissing fish. Well, why not. There is some fun in getting free animations but a lot of work trying to get them onto a web page in the correct position. My next project will be to get the website responsive. At the moment I have 'anchored' the pages, meaning they don't move when the viewing page is reduced. Check it out -

But now as July starts will go. All new pages are only on
The main menu is responsive, other pages will follow in due course. This will all be available 1 July 2018. 

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