Saturday, 5 May 2018

Politicians not liked? Who said that!

Many a time, many different people have commented about the way politics is done in this country. The way decisions are made and carried out (or not!). One of the things amongst others is how people cannot seem to differentiate between national politics and local politics. This could easily been seen in the latest council elections in England. Even the BBC seemed to be confused and kept on talking about the national impact. Well no, these were local elections, elections for city and town councils, not national government! Obviously our communication channels needed to keep their schedules busy with trivia. Local elections are about people, the inhabitants of towns and cities who pay ever increasing council tax for seemingly ever decreasing services! But nobody even talked about that. Only the impact on the two main parties nationally. Indeed caring about people, it is something councillors need to remember. They are elected by the people for the people, locally. It is about the disbursement of services. It is not about their salaries or stipends or whatever they call it, it is NOT a job! It is a calling. It used to be local people who were elected because they had a desire to improve the environment, to improve the living standards of those who had elected them. To improve the infrastructure. Today we seem to get no better than party freaks. Just hell-bent on self advancement. A sad state of affairs and they wonder why they are not liked. I can tell them in a few words, you can no longer be trusted! You say one thing and do the opposite. In my locality there are problems of parking cars, clogged roads and a decaying infrastructure. Yet plans are presented by quick-buck developers that ignore basic design implications. Like when developers propose to build shops and it turns out that there are just about enough car spaces for the employees, where do they think the customers will, park? In the already overflowing streets surrounding? It is bad planning but all the planning committees seem to see is the quick buck, the coming council tax income. Sad and that friends is the reason councils, councillors and generally all politicians are not liked or trusted. Even though they might be good people. There it is in a nutshell.

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