Monday, 7 May 2018

Fibreglass a roof or think about politics

Now that the good and dry weather has arrived this Bank Holiday I might as well re-fibreglass my shed roof. Yes, friends I have a man-cave. Problem is you cannot move in this cave because I need to chuck out about half its contents! I ordered some flexible fibreglass from Northern-Ireland and resin and am still studying the directions! What is the air temperature, mix it in this percentage, too hot outside and it will set in seconds, too cold and it will not set at all. Ahhhh! Well, I must rub the area down and get on with it despite my wife’s misgivings. It beats having to scan newspapers and computers to find out the latest mistakes of our politicians. I suppose they are human but I am not sure any more. Perhaps the aliens landed yonks ago and we never knew (until now). It is worrying that as soon as one becomes a councillor all the promises made on the doorstep have faded away like morning mist under a hot sun. I have always been of the opinion that a local councillor is elected on local issues but apparently that is not true. They all follow party politics. The problem is that party politics rarely coincide with local issues. It is a fair point to ask, take development. If the developer(s) submit plans what are the criteria to look for? Surely local amenities, parking problems, traffic congestion, sewerage, possible problems with land contamination. But it seems that the only real issue looked at is the possible cash flow income to the council from business rates or council tax on individual houses. It apparently is accepted that parking, traffic etc is not a problem, inhabitants will adapt. Interesting, and these decisions then rest upon councillors that mostly haven’t got a clue about development. You might even say they are not fit for purpose. But I won’t go that far as I have to believe that in the main they are well-meaning. But all the same I hope that they would listen a bit more to those who elected them. As not all plans are really in the interest of the general public.

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