Sunday, 1 April 2018

The Flea on a Dog...

The year is flowing by faster and faster or so it seems. It is getting a bit hard to keep up with blogs.
Especially as I am again going to college to extend my Welsh language. Wel, pam ddim? Wi’n wedi ceisio’n ddigon hir. Beth bynnag (Anyway) I was reading a book in which I found some interesting idea about the Universe. Usually kid’s books don’t have deep insights but this one ‘The Wizards of Once’ by Cressida Cowell (of ‘How to to train your Dragon’ fame) has a few. Interesting.
Question: Was there a limit to the expanding universe, or would it go on expanding forever? If space was infinite and stars were infinite didn’t that mean that there must also be infinite numbers of Crushers out there?
By the way Crushers were some individual giant, for that you could easily put yourself in its place.
Even so it is an interesting question, one of those I have been pondering over. First of all I believe that space, ie a nothingness, quiet, empty, is infinite. Within that space exist a multitude of universes. Ours is just one of untold numbers. The laws of probability (there are plenty of examples on the Internet) then would mean that there are an infinite number of me and you as well.
It is quite interesting to consider that if as I am here pop the proverbial clogs, I will still be hopping around somewhere else. But will it be an exact copy ( a type of clone?) or a totally different being?
All this from a children’s book! Nevertheless, as a Christian as well, I take it that it means God is not of our time and not just our universe either. I remember a saying, an Hindu one I think, that stated ‘We are no more than the flea on a dog’. The universe equated to a flea? Wow, but who is the dog? A nice thought for a discussion at this Easter time!

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