Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Man in the Middle? Probably a Russian...

Ah, the good and interesting Russians are now infiltrating every single home computer in the good 'ol UK. An interesting concept. But all the same I do think we should take computers and the Net a bit more serious. If you are, like myself, have a website at least ensure it has a SSL certificate. That means all outgoing stuff is encrypted (HTTPS). Google also seems to have added an extension to that named HSTS. I am not exactly sure what that does or how but it adds extra security. So, it all gets down to the wire. But at least your computer will not be used in Man of the Middle attacks (MITM). The Russians or indeed the naughty Americans or even the very naughty script kiddies can't get at you so easy! Also do not answer those wonderful offers of free money from these interesting Africans who obviously have defrauded their own country to the tune of billions. It is pretty laughable as these countries have no money whatsoever. In any case it is a badly worded, easy detectable scam. Be aware though these emails can also hide invisible links! So, don't click on anything, don't even read them! Just delete. I have to say that we ourselves are to blame for these continuing scams. Too many of us are falling for them! Also too many of us do not do a thing about personal security. Leaving our computers, phones, tablets etc as open as a cowshed in summer. You only have to look at Facebook and you could take your pick if you wanted to steal someone's personal data. Today I am John Smith, tomorrow I can be Suzie Jones, or a ten year old from London town (I dislike London immensely). No slight intended to the names mentioned but I hope you get the point? So, let's with it, do something about security, have a look at your Facebook profile just delete it. Or even better still, just use the phone and delete Facebook! Finally, use https websites only - if you can. At least it is a beginning.

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