Sunday, 29 April 2018

Costs - What costs?

I have asked this question many times – What price be put on history? Something to the tune of – We’ve always had the government, MPs in the Houses of Parliament. But now it needs a costly uplift. Something to the tune of £50billion. It is an interesting argument because London itself would not like to lose the Houses of Parliament, frankly they should as it is not fit for purpose. It cannot house all the MPs, easily seen at PM’s Questions. It is like a chicken coup! Looking at the so-called debating chamber (the one with the green leather benches) one can easily come to the conclusion it is made for two opposing parties. Moreover allowing these parties to continually shout and gesture at each other. That surely is NOT proper politics? To see Diane Abbott mouthing platitudes at the Home Secretary does not really help I think. To continually hear 5 or 6 questions fired from the Opposition Leader to the Prime Minister about some accident that has befallen an unlucky resident of some flea-bitten constituency surely is interesting to the victim but hardly will solve the Syrian crisis or why the good Kim has come to the South to partake of the food they haven’t got in the north of the Korean peninsula? I believe that he wants to trade the nukes for some good old-fashioned noodles. So, why not be a bit more modern and fashionable? Move the MPs and the government apparatus out of London altogether, say to Derby or York and into a circular type building? Costs would be minimal compared to what they now intend spending on Westminster. Make it a museum! And to fit in with the feelings of nostalgia, still celebrate the opening of Parliament in Westminster with all the pomp and then hightail it to Derby fast!

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