Sunday, 1 April 2018

Changing also over to

To all my readers - you can now read my blog on my own network.
It will still be readable etc on Blogger but now also on
Happy reading!

Latest update - It's all working now as intended. The SSL certificate is installed so the linlk between you and me via the website is encrypted. If you read the blog via the url then that is also encrypted by Google/Blogger.
Have fun.

If you were looking at the site prior to me making some corrections you should 'refresh' the cache. You do that in Chrome as follows: Click on the three dots in the top bar. Click on 'more tools' and select 'Clear browsing data'.

Still some problems with the Contact page - I'm trying to make it as safe as can be. But that takes a lot more coding than I have really time for but still..

Update as in July 2018 - is now discontinued. The main website - has no longer a Contact page. It is not that I don't want to be contacted - you can still do that via  the Blogger blog. But I virtually deleted all spam mails. Hurrah! I now only get about one a week. Well, I sleep better.

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