Friday, 9 March 2018

Hurrah hoist the flag, shoulder arms and let's get to it!

Well, I have had a bit of a rest recently. Mainly because I just got fed up with reading and watching the daily show called Brexit. In fact so bored with it that to lighten it up I now think a second, third, fourth and even a fifth referendum will be necessary. In fact let’s have a referendum every month.
But today an even funnier item is in the headlines. Funny in one way as the cause of this is a occasion of some being poisoned by an unknown agent. Possibly chemical. Because the persons affected are of Russian origin, spies in fact, now retired. Our wonderful government automatically has assumed Vlad the Impaler is guilty. Even worse we are going to do something about it! Yes, militarily and economically! Wow, Theresa is showing her steel backbone OK!
First of all, it is terrible that in the UK we have people with a past, such as a foreign spy being poisoned by so far unknown perpetrators but although this person is of Russian origin should we assume that the Russian state is guilty? They might well be but where is the proof? Secondly the miltary options – yes 80,000 UK soldiers, a lot of whom are now pen-pushers, are going to war with over a million Russians who have the latest hardware and have trained in the colds of Siberia. According to the papers we are going to bolster the defences of the Baltic states. Hurrah! Two corporals and twenty men. One tank and two-thousand NAAFI personnel to keep ‘m happy. Oh I forgot and we’ll send Boris who will abseil from the church tower in Riga waving the Union Jack whilst singing Rule Britannia. I am absolutely sure Vlad the Impaler will shake in his boots and immediately on sight of Boris on his TV screen will sue for peace, moreover will supply to the UK LPG gas for the whole of this century free of charge.
May I ask whether we have lost all our marbles? Who do we actually think we are, a world power? Friends, be serious, we might have one or two nuclear weapons but for the rest…? A navy of a few badly serviced (no money for that) frigates, a few minesweepers, two smallish aircraft carriers without planes. An army of about 80,000 still to be further depleted. And an airforce that still dreams of the Battle of Britain. Well, that’s about it but actually it is not. We also have a political elite who believe in the superiority of the UK, that we are ready for any war at any time. That we can influence, have influence in the world. Let me tell you, we haven’t. We are basically a laughing stock everywhere. It is time to be realistic, time to take proper stock. What are our present capabilities? Besides making a few badly thought-out plans and sending a couple of soldiers to show we mean business. It is time to stop all this rubbish. Show a bit more of common sense but above all stop pretending we matter on the world scene and spend more time righting all the wrongs in our own backyard.

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