Saturday, 13 January 2018

PC Army.... WOW!

Anyone for a bit of PC? Yep, political correctness has now even penetrated the Army. By all accounts the latest TV adverts are showing, it’s OK to cry, Ok to be emotional and don’t forget your prayer-mats. Now it may all sound normal to the liberal elite or even to Labour party today but perhaps I might ask one question? What actually is the Army for? I have been in the Army and frankly it is not a hotbed of people crying their eyes out or taking five to have a quick prayer at the height of a battle. We were taught to kill, yep you heard it here. Kill. Not have an hour’s discussion with a shrink prior to putting the bayonet in. If your life is at stake or the nation’s then that is what an army is for. Defence. I am of the opinion that we should be telling the liberal do-gooders where to sign-up for a bit of square-bashing. A few weeks of traipsing through the mud at night, fording cold rivers fully loaded will do ‘m the world of good. If they get some lovely blisters on their pallid softly skinned feet, I have a great way of getting rid of them. Stick a pin in, drain the blister fluid and rub some alcohol in the open wound. Lovely, it works well but is very painful! One thing I did learn very fast in the Army, you don’t want to stand out! Just to finish this little rant, remember that humanity is still an animal. Unfortunately an animal with cognitive abilities. That alone should send shivers along every spine. We might feel safe here in this great country but the wolves are not very far away. So, we do need an Army, a Navy and an Airforce. Moreover, we need dedicated soldiers and other armed personnel. We do not need cry-babies and we most of all do not need those who think everything is a bed of roses and all is peaceful. It would be nice if it was but until all of us in the world change our attitudes toward each other and take equality seriously we will need a defence.

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