Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Making your mind up....

One of the things about making decisions is the ability to enforce them. In the matter of the Brexit question - for those who do not know what that is ‘the decision through a referendum made by the British people to leave the European Union’ - it seems that the decision was made but no-one really knew how to implement it or enforce it. Nor what the implications would be. To any sane observer a decision to leave means, open the door, exit, and close the door. No questions about how to open the door, how long to be spent crossing the threshold and no questions whether to close the door softly or give it a good shove. But of course politics is just that. Endless arguments over the ‘fine’ details. As a result the UK is in an almighty morass. To be fair so is the EU. If we took a good look at the judiciary I would say the UK is quite capable of law-giving and enforcement. For that we do not need the European Court. Also do not forget there was a time before the EU. Personally for me there is no problem.
The UK should say thank you for past endeavours but unfortunately we have outgrown you. You have become a money-guzzling non-entity without standing in the wider world. Thank you but good-bye.

Immediately upon smacking the door closed we must open negotiations with those countries, European or worldwide, whom we trade with now. Cars from Germany? Welcome! Wine from France? Welcome. And so on and on. That’s it in a nutshell. Let’s stop prevaricating, come to our senses and save our money.

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