Thursday, 21 December 2017

Paid jobs for the boys....Hmmmm

I do receive the posts of 'Unlocking Democracy', a pressure group. Sometimes they say what I can agree with and sometimes I do not. That's what democracy is all about. But as I have been saying in the past on another blog about politicians taking on outside jobs to pay for things like second even third homes, duck-ponds and more it was galling to read about the erstwhile Chancellor, puppy-eyed George Osborne having seven paid positions? One is apparently paying him £600,000 plus per annum for one day a week's work! Makes one wonder when in politics they already started to lay the foundations for their future. Is it not strange then that they are working for precisely these companies and organisations they benefitted from laws and rules they made during their Westminster Palace tenure? Just wondering. And he is not the only one of course, David Cameron also acquired a lucrative position. Perhaps it is high time to investigate these practices. Be aware though that it is not illegal but is it 'kosher'? Another thing, we might begin to wonder whether 'News' such as that is actually fake? There are loads of these 'reports' mostly of a personal nature. Little personal digs at people. Well, it might be true, it might be partially true or it might be false. Interesting how we deal with the IT revolution. 

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