Saturday, 30 December 2017

Brexit again?

The question of Brexit has yet another high profile critic. Perhaps I might be allowed to ask a question? These people who are elected representatives of the British people, what are they to represent? Yes, the will of the people. Hmmmm, pretty easy to deduct that I would say. Unfortunately, the reality seems to be that everyone of these elected representatives just follows their own ideas and desires! Now I have just listened to Lord Adonis, interesting chap but completely wrong. First of all he suddenly feels that we are going the wrong way. Well, maybe but is it not his job to see to it that the will of the people is carried out to the best of his ability? No, we now have just another sniper who is mumbling all sorts of untruths about the whole process. Secondly he was part of the government as an adviser. 
Possibly his advice was not accepted because it simply wasn't good enough? So, another MP who is throwing his toys out of the pram? Oh Westminster is deluged by all theses toys on the streets and the discarded prams holding up the traffic. 
Let’s be fair Brexit was never going to be easy, the EU would never just turn belly up. That is why it is important that ALL politicians work together to ensure the best deal for the UK. The old adage about a divided nation never winning battles is true. Divided you fall, united you stand! Frankly the whole thing has just become a farce. Not a single person seems to know what to do. I am now of the opinion that it would be best if we just draw a line under the whole thing and get out. No deal, stop everything, start negotiations with the rest of the world. Let the Germans be the big bosses they always wanted to be with the French supplying the Can-Can dancers and sour wine. Now that’s what I call an idea!

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